Grand River Ditch NRDA Rocky Mountain National Park, CO Ecological services
Groundwater NRDAs and trial testimony Throughout New Jersey Extractive and in situ services
Evaluation of NRDA Estimates Quapaw, OK Ecological and tribal services
Asarco bankruptcy and trial testimony OK, MT, TX, MO, NJ, CO Groundwater/ecological/recreation
Illinois River and Tenkiller Lake NRDA OK Ecological services/recreation/nonuse values
Critique of Estimation of Natural Resource Losses Ecuador Ecological services
Clark Fork River NRDA Montana Recreational fishing/groundwater/passive nonuse values/passive use values
NRDA for the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Prince William Sound, Alaska Recreation/nonuse values/commercial fishing
NRDA for Deepwater Horizon Gulf of Mexico Nonuse/passive use values
Fox River NRDA Green Bay, Wisconsin Recreational fishing losses from PCB advisories and restoration projects
Lavaca Bay Cooperative Assessment Point Comfort, Texas Recreational fishing losses from mercury closure and restoration projects
Essex Chemical and Union Carbide Middlesex, New Jersey Groundwater losses from various chemicals/restoration
Alaska NRDA North Pole Alaska Groundwater losses/lost revenues/unjust enrichment
Saginaw River/Bay NRDA Michigan Recreational fishing and other use service losses from PCB advisories
Massena NRDA New York Recreational fishing losses and cultural service losses
Housatonic River NRDA Massachusetts, Connecticut Recreational fishing losses from PCB advisories
South Valley and trial testimony New Mexico Groundwater losses from various chemicals
Martinez Oil Spill Martinez, California Recreational fishing and boating losses; wetlands losses; and commercial fishing
Tampa Bay Oil Spill Tampa, Florida Recreational losses
Kalamazoo Kalamazoo, Michigan Recreational fishing losses
Critique of Groundwater NRDA Lakehurst, New Jersey Groundwater
Bayway NRDA Bayway and Bayonne, New Jersey Ecological services/habitat equivalency analysis
Critique of Groundwater NRDA Higgins Farm Superfund Site
Somerset County, New Jersey
Onondaga Lake NRDA Syracuse, New York Recreational use losses from mercury closure and advisory and potential restoration projects
Nestucca Oil Spill Washington Recreation and nonuse losses from oil spill
Gasconade River Oil Spill Missouri Recreation losses from oil spill
Russian River Healdsburg, CA Potential recreation and other human service losses from a formaldehyde release


Class Certification Cases
Colorado / Schlage Lock PCE in groundwater Class certified
Oklahoma / PRP Group (includes: ASARCO, Doe Run, Blue Fields, and Gold Tee) Lead-mining wastes in various media, including: air and surface water Case settled
Alabama / Olin Corp. Mercury releases in various media, including: fish, surface water, and air Certification denied
Alabama / Syngenta Corp. DDT and dioxin in various media, including: fish, surface water, and air Case settled
West Virginia / DuPont, et al. Zinc, arsenic, and cadmium in various media, including: air, surface water, and groundwater Case settled
Classes and/or Mass Actions Certified
California / Olin Corporation Perchlorate Repeat sales regression approach No stigma damages when subject area compared to control Jury found no damages
New Mexico / GE VOCs and benzene Regression approach No stigma damages when subject area compared to control Federal judge granted defendants’ summary judgment on property value claim
South Carolina / Exxon Mobil VOCs and benzene Regression approach No damages using corrected form of plaintiff’s model and corrected data Case settled
Classes and/or Mass Actions Certified
Mississippi / Koppers Creosote Robert Simons CV survey as plaintiff’s damages Case settled
Mississippi / Kerr-McGee and Johnson Electric Creosote and TCE Bill Mundy CV study and Robert Simons CV study Case settled
Oaklahoma/Blue Tee/Goldfields Lead Robert Simons CV transfer Case settled
Mississippi / Kuhlman Electric PCBs Bill Mundy CV study Case settled
Indiana / Chevron and BP VOCs and benzene Commercial damages to motel and restaurant; Critique of CV survey Arbitrated settlement
Indiana / General Motors PCBs Tillema Case study Summary judgment in favor of client
Endicott, NY/IBM VOCs Simons CV survey Case settled
South Carolina / ExxonMobil VOCs and benzene Critique of Robert Simon’s CV study including a verbal protocol study showing bias and flaws Settlement